Bible Classes

Bible Classes

Segment 2 begins Sunday, February 23rd

Adult Bible Class

Conducted by experienced teachers who have been selected for their knowledge of the scriptures and teaching abilities. Class content may be direct study of a particular book of the bible or a scriptural theme study. Most classes are presented with a combination of lecture and interactive discussion.

Teacher: Darren Brackett

Topic: A Historical Survey of the Old Testament

Synopsis: The pages of the Old Testament are rich with events chronicling not only world history, but God's character. His grace, mercy, patience, promises and so much more are evident (and unchanged)

Youth Bible Classes

Held for all ages ranging from 6 months to High School ages. We chronologically cycle through the Old and New Testaments every three years in an effort to help our children understand that the entire bible is a single story, the story of God’s plan of salvation for man through His son, Jesus Christ.

Current Bible Class Schedule:

Baby Class

Teacher: Jacquelyn Binger

Topic: Various Topics


Toddler Class

Teacher: Lily Hammond

Topic: Various Topics


Grades K-2 Class

Teacher: Anita Turner

Topic: New Testament Epistles | Part 1 (Romans - 1 Thessalonians)


Grades 3-5 Class

Teacher: Doug Binger

Topic: New Testament Epistles | Part 1 (Romans - 1 Thessalonians)


Middle School Class

Teacher: Ross Spears

Topic: New Testament Epistles | Part 1 (Romans - 1 Thessalonians)


High School Class

Teacher: Ralph Byers

Topic: 1st & 2nd Timothy

Synopsis: Two themes will be discussed during this segment: 

  1. Personal responsibility/accountability - The ability, opportunity, and expectation God has placed on young people for influence and growth (ourselves and those around us)
  2. God's way is clear - the doctrinal clarity Paul teaches and reminds Timothy is for us to embody, practice, and revere.